Moving to Arizona

“I just moved here from another state. Are my old documents still valid in Arizona?”

Just like your dental and medical records, they are still valid, but who will be there to guide, direct, and assist when you or your family must follow the terms of the documents. Attorneys who prepared your documents out of state cannot be held accountable for your failure to know or update your legal documents once you have moved. Why burden your family with out of state or out of date documents and the necessity of finding someone to assist them with the problems you have created.

“If I own property in other states but reside in Arizona, will there be a problem after I pass away?”

No problem that cannot be resolved; but, what is the magnitude of the problem, how will the problem(s) be resolved, how expensive will it be, and who will address the problem. It is always best to address and answer these questions before you pass away or become incapacitated.